Create The Confident, Clear, God-Centered Life You Crave

Even When You Feel Surrounded by Failures and Constant Disappointment

Are you ready to...

  • Gain greater clarity on your life’s difficulties and how to handle them from God’s perspective? 
  • Develop deeper closeness and connection with God?
  • Learn to live from your CORE instead of your emotions?

Even if you don’t feel ready to make the changes you know you need to make, you know you’re in pain and your marriage or other significant relationship isn’t working. You’re scared, you’re confused and you know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results. Please don’t do that. This  next year can be different.

Despite what you think - you don’t have to tackle your problems all by yourself. Sometimes we just can’t do it alone. We need the support of like-minded people to help us take the next step. 

Over the past 30 years my coaches and I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of women who want to get whole, holy and healthy... and we know how to help you. I created this group experience for those who were hesitant to commit fully to one-on-one coaching because either they weren’t sure they were fully ready to make the changes or they didn’t feel they could afford it.

Empowered to Change is my six (6) month group coaching program. This once a year group is your chance to work intimately with one of my expert coaches - in a small and intimate setting. This program is designed to help you: 

  • Walk in the truth rather than in fear or resentment.
  • Confidently know and speak your own thoughts and feelings in a constructive way – even when you’re angry.
  • Take new risks, even when you feel afraid.
  • Implement strategic consequences for destructive behaviors when talking doesn’t work.
  • Invite your partner into healthy change, so that destructive patterns may be broken. 

If you are a woman who is sick of staying silent, placating and pretending in your most significant relationships but aren’t quite sure how to make changes in a God-honoring way,  I know this group and working with one of my coaches is for you. My coaches will give you the tools, the support, and the steps to make those changes.

Here are the dates:

Kick Off call for all groups: December 16th, 2022 at 2PM EST

Session 1 - Week of January 9th

Session 2 - Week of January 23rd

Session 3 - Week of February 6th

Session 4 - Week of February 20th

Session 5 - Week of March 6th

Session 6 - Week of March 20th

Session 7 - Week of April 3rd

Session 8 - Week of April 17th

Session 9 - Week of May 1st

Session 10 - Week of May 15th

Session 11 - Week of June 5th

Session 12 - Week of June 19th

Your time together with your group coach will be interactive and personal. You will have an opportunity to submit your own personal goals and be coached to take your first steps or your next steps toward positive growth and godly change. 

Each group session will be 90 minutes long. We will use Zoom so that you can connect with the members of your small group.

Your commitment to be a part of this group is a minimum of 6 months, (12 sessions).

Leslie Vernick is committed to ensuring the highest level of confidentiality for any and all information shared by individuals within her support groups. However, please be advised that in certain situations involving litigation, disclosure of certain information shared in support groups may be required by the court. While Leslie will protect this group to the furthest extent permitted by law, rules of confidentiality and disclosure vary from state to state. For further information, contact a local attorney in your county and state.

Members of this Program Enjoy:

Two (2) 90-minute LIVE group Zoom video meetings
 per month

These Zoom video meetings will place special attention to personal application in your particular situation. You will have a chance to ask your coach a live question and get immediate feedback. 

Recordings of Sessions

Can't make every session? Need to "arrive" late or "leave" early? Not to worry, you'll receive a recording of each group session for you to listen to what you missed, or to re-listen to at a later date.

Private Facebook Group

Membership exclusive to this group so that we can support each other during the week.

Your lifetime access to this Facebook group will become a place to receive feedback, ask for prayer and track your wins along the way. 

Regular Homework Assignments and Handouts

These assignments will take you to the next step of personal and relational growth. You will have lifetime access to these assignments and handouts, which allows you revisit and get refreshed anytime you want. 

Members Only Access

Exclusive access to teaching videos and articles that are only available for coaching clients as well as a 30-45 minute video teaching each month devoted specifically to the needs of members of the group. 

PLUS 4 Webinar Bonuses!

Bonus Video #1 - Getting Rid Of "Stinkin Thinkin"

In this video you will learn:

- Why your attitude matters

- How to recognize your "ANTS"

- How to recognize your thoughts but recognize when they don't tell you the truth

- How to change your negative thoughts and focus on Christ

Bonus Video #2 - Tools To Manage Your Emotions

In this video you will learn:

- The purpose of emotions and why God gave them to us

- How to stop your emotions from controlling you

- How your body shows how you feel inside

- What is an "emotional storm" and how to get through it.

Bonus Video #3 - Building Healthy Relationships

In this video you will learn:

- God's plan for relationships

- What are unhealthy relationship patterns

- Why sin and suffering are part of EVERY relationship

- Three (3) elements of a healthy relationship

Bonus Video #4 - Does God Want Us To Be Happy

In this video you will learn:

- Why holiness and happiness are not opposite - but meant to work together. 

- What is the biggest lie that keeps you miserable

- The one trick to stop a negative mood and negative situation.

- Learn the phrase that is stopping your happiness.


"I learned my truth and I am standing in my truth and speaking my truth. I am able to stand strong and it feels really good and freeing. I loved all the sections about speaking up for yourself in a Godly way."

"I'm able to finally pinpoint where my emotions are coming from and how to take a step back. I'm so much better when things are starting to escalate. I'm able to slow down and not let my thoughts take control. I am finally able to fully accept myself."


 EMPOWERED TO CHANGE Six-Month Group Coaching Program 

Your Investment: $1497 (Pay In Full)

 Or if you’d rather choose to pay monthly, the cost is $277.50 per month for 6 months

 We only allow 15 participants per class.
Spaces are extremely limited and coaching fees are non-refundable

What Others Have Said...

"YAY! I LOVED the first Empowered to Change group experience and am still benefiting from the FB community. (Do it again please! Whatever it was you did before-- the Lord is continuing to use it!) 

I'm a slow learner so the six month duration was very important to me-- but more than that-- half a year is long enough to get to know each other a little bit online as a group. (Or at least to go through stuff with each other…) And I really liked it that the FB page didn't shut down after our six months were over. That's been cool too... 

During the past 11 months the group has shared that FB page, it's turned into a little community we can bop in and out of when time permits. (Even the ones who dropped out seem to stop in every once in a while…) Although other 'real time' support groups are important, there's something about an online place to go that's really helpful after being isolated for so long-- especially when it requires writing in order to communicate."  

— Woman in a difficult marriage


"To be honest, I was concerned that my story or questions wouldn't be relevant to the other members of the group - I thought it was really just me going through this. After joining, quickly I knew my coach was there to help and support all of us. As I listened to others I realized their stories often related in some way to mine. It really opened my eyes. So, I began to speak up, knowing my story might speak to them in some way too. My coach has an easy going way to get to the point and help you stay on track. I'm so glad I took the chance!"

—  Woman in a destructive marriage


"I Learned some valuable lessons. Knowing Core Values (who I am) is different than my fickle feelings and thoughts is huge for me. Avoiding 'what if' thinking and 'worse case scenario disease' will also be helpful to me. Difference between acknowledging and accepting is good for me to know. I acknowledged the problems 10 years ago, but have only moved closer to accepting them in the last year. Being responsible for my well-being is new to me. Giving up the hope of change in my husband has come very slowly. Grieving currently as this is sinking in. Class helped me see a lot of things. Trusting God to work it all 'into' me. I pray it will move me forward. I need hope for me and kids."

- Pamela, — Group Participant


"Before Empowered To Change, there was a sense of fear and uneasiness to focus on myself, I’m sure a result of the years of abuse. However, all that changed when I started. All of a sudden I saw just how far from healthy I was. I was uneasy and fearful all the time. As I listened to the bravery of the women and saw that my coach really invested and cared, I began to warm up to being “Empowered to Change”. If you are thinking about joining - I would say to go for it! The instruction is great and the support of the other women in the same sort of boat is validating and encouraging."

 Group Participant



EMPOWERED TO CHANGE Six-Month Coaching Program 

Your Investment: $1497 (Pay In Full) 

 Or if you’d rather choose to pay monthly, the cost is $277.50 per month for 6 months

 Spaces are extremely limited and coaching fees are non-refundable